Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lady Luck Wishes On Lady Luck Day

it's Lady Luck Day! So collect all the good luck charms and Lady Luck is sure to smile on you. Send cute and warm, good luck ecards to wish your friends/family/loved ones a whole lot of luck.Lady Luck is a personification of luck that is often involved in gambler's superstitions.

Lady Luck is also name of a mobile casino company. LadyLuck's pays out pounds, not points, when you play their mobile casino, slots, Bingo!, betting and arcade games.

Lady luck refers to

* Fortuna, in Roman mythology, goddess of fortune
* Tyche, in Greek mythology, governed the fortune and prosperity of a city
* Lady Luck Hotel & Casino, in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
* "Lady Luck" (pinball machine), a 1986 pinball game by Bally/Midway

Film , TV & comics

* Lady Luck (1946 film), released in 1946, starring Robert Young and Barbara Hale
* Just My Luck, a romantic comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine, the film's working title was Lady Luck
* Lady Luck (Rugrats episode), a Rugrats episode
* Lady Luck (comics), a comic-book character created by Will Eisner
* Lady Luck (Star Wars), Lando Calrissian's personal yacht
* Faye Valentine, a character in Cowboy Bebop who is often referred to as Lady Luck


* Lady Luck* Stereophonics - "Pull The Pin"
* "Luck Be a Lady", from the musical Guys and Dolls by Frank Loesser
* "Lady Luck" (Journey song), from the album Evolution
* "Lady Luck" (Rod Stewart song), from the album A Spanner in the Works
* "Lady Luck" (Drag song), from Australian rock group Drag
* "Lady Luck" (Deep Purple song), from their 1975 album Come Taste the Band
* Lady Luck (rapper), a rapper currently signed to Def Jam Records
* Lady luck (Pilot)' "Lady Luck" single 1975. Not on any album. "Getting tired and lonely, nobody loves me - only my lady luck.."

So don't miss the opportunity to wish your friends and family a happy lady luck day.